Legislative Awards

Legislative Awards


About the Award The “Legislator of the Year” award is given by ABC of Florida to those legislators who go above and beyond on behalf of the Association and the industry at-large.  More than simply getting our bills across the finish line, these individuals have demonstrated their shared belief in our policy initiatives, our core values, and in the important role that the Commercial Construction Industry plays in Florida.  They have done an outstanding job on your behalf.  

Representative Jayer Williamson 

o First elected to the House in 2016 o Occupation: Electrical Contractor o Residence: Pace, FL 

Award Recipient: Representative Williamson is receiving this award for the third time in three years.   

History with ABC of Florida 

o 2017 – Passes Open Competition Legislation (HB 599) 

NOTE: This legislation was a legislative priority for both the National and State Association 

o 2018 – Passes Permit Fee Transparency Legislation in House (HB 725), bill dies in Senate 

o 2019 – Passes Permit Fee Transparency Legislation in House (HB 127) – bill passes full Legislature 

Senator Keith Perry 

o Served in the House 2010-2016 o First elected to Senate in 2016 o Occupation: Roofing Contractor o Residence: Gainesville, FL 

Award Recipient: Senator Perry is receiving this award for the third time in three years.   

History with ABC of Florida 

o 2016 –  As a Representative, sponsored ABC of Florida’s Statute of Repose Reduction Legislation – bill passes all committees but stalls on House floor. 

o 2017 – Passes ABC Open Competition Legislation in the Senate – Bill passes full Legislature.   NOTE: This legislation was a legislative priority for both the National and State Association 

o 2018 – Passes Permit Fee Transparency legislation through all committees – bill stalls on Senate Floor. 

o 2019 – Passes Permit Fee Transparency Legislation in Senate (HB 127) – bill passes full Legislature. 

Senator Perry is a tireless advocate for predictability, uniformity and transparency in government regulations.  He is a tremendous voice for the industry in Tallahassee.  

Representative Alex Andrade 

o First elected to the House in 2018 o Occupation: Attorney o Residence: Pensacola, FL 

Award Recipient: This is Representative Andrade’s first-time receiving ABC’s “Legislator of the Year” award.   

History with ABC of Florida 

o 2019 – Sponsors ABC’s Reduction in Retainage Legislation (House Bill 101). 

o While this bill ultimately stalled in the Senate, Representative Andrade successfully moved the bill through all committee stops and passed it off the House Floor with a 104-10 vote. 

o Representative Andrade was complimented throughout session for his efforts to speak to all members of the committees of reference for this legislation.  

As a Freshman legislator, Representative Andrade took an issue that hasn’t been raised in Florida in roughly 15 years and passed it out of the House.  He is fear less in his representation of the industry and of the bills he sponsors. 

Senator Ed Hooper 

o Served in the House 2006-2014 o First Elected to Senate: 2018 o Occupation: Retired Firefighter, former City Commissioner o Residence: Clearwater, FL 

Award Recipient: This is Senator Hooper’s first-time receiving ABC’s “Legislator of the Year” award.   

History with ABC of Florida 

o Senator Hooper has a long history with ABC of Florida from his time in the House. 

o As a member of the House, then Representative Hooper was often the recipient of ABC’s Friend of Free Enterprise Award.  

o As a Senator, he agreed to sponsor our Reduction in Retainage legislation.  His testimony in committees reflected his tremendous understanding of how retainage works and the positive impact our legislation would have on the process.  

o While the bill ultimately failed to pass the Senate, after stalling in the Appropriations Committee, Senator Hooper did successfully pass the bill, with unanimous support, out of the first two committees of reference. 

Senator Hooper’s background in local government gives him a keen understanding of how the public and private sectors interact on public works projects, where frustrations may exist and where improvements can be made .   


ABC of Florida Education Innovators 


Apprenticeship Training and Workforce Education 

ABC of Florida is the largest single provider of Apprenticeship Training in the State.  We believe strongly that a skilled workforce is a safe workforce, and right now, our industry is suffering from the largest skilled worker shortage in recent history.  With more than 50% of our workforce getting ready to retire, we need to be working with all interested parties to attract and identify our next generation of workers.  We are not an industry of last resort, nor should we be treated as a fallback to college.  But construction is the one industry that cannot be outsourced and will not go away, and therefore, we need to be taking steps to educate individuals on the positive impact a career in construction can have on their life.  We appreciate the tremendous work by the following legislators this session to reintroduce and highlight the industry’s educational and training opportunities for Floridians. 

Thank you to: Governor Ron DeSantis Department of Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran Senator Manny Diaz    Representative Jennifer Sullivan Senator Travis Hutson    Representative Amber Mariano Senator Keith Perry     Representative Ralph Massullo Senator Kelli Stargel    Representative Byron Donalds 

Through their Legislative Efforts: o $10 million in recurring funding for the Florida Pathways to Career Opportunities Grant o Career and Technical Education Opportunities re-introduced into our K-12 Education System via the CTE Graduation Pathway o Increased and improved transparency in the administration and management of Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Training in Florida o Authorizes Charter Schools to serve as Local Education Agencies o Equalizes the credit received by K-12 institutions for students graduating via the CTE pathway.